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History of Our Club

The Earlston Golf Club was formed on 8th August 1906, making it one of the oldest clubs in Scotland.

The famous golf course designer Mr William Park Jr of Musselburgh staked out a course on land owned by Lord Binning and the Course was opened on 7th November 1906. The official opening was held in the Spring of 1907.  The present Earl of Haddington, direct descendent of Lord Binning, is the Club's Honorary President.

The land had a special interest of its own, being the locality where the Covenanters in the district held Conventicles during the period in Scottish Ecclesiastical history known as "the persecuting times".

The Course was closed during the First World War and was ploughed up to plant crops for food in 1917 to aid the war effort.

Between the First and Second World Wars the Course was used again but, after WWII, there was no money or equipment available to re-open it.

From June 1954 until September 1967, the land was used for motor cycle scrambling and was a qualifying course for the Scottish Scramble Championships, both solo and sidecar, until then.

Earlston Golf Club has, however, continued to have outings and competitions to various other courses in the country to this day.

In 1992, the owner of the land on which the Golf Course was originally situated applied for Planning Permission to re-open the Course. Regrettably, nothing ever became of this.

In 1998, full plans were again drawn up for the Course, but the property was subsequently sold in 2000 and, again, no further progress was made.

In view of this, at an Earlston Golf Club Committee Meeting in 2000, it was agreed to pursue the purchase of land to build a course on the Moon. This transaction was completed on 3rd November 2000 and initial planning has already begun.

The holes on the Earlston Golf Club have been named to keep the authenticity of the course location whilst ensuring that the history and traditions of the Club are echoed in the Course.

There are 18 Seas on the surface of the Moon, each of which has a Latin name which has been translated and given a Scottish Borders flavour to reflect the origins of the Club.
The Club has featured in newspapers and magazines, on TV and on the web world-wide. It featured in Robert Duncan's 2003 Canadian TV documentary, "Golf - The Ridiculous Obsession" (ISBN 0-7792-5641-7).

There are now has around 70 local members who play in competitions throughout the Scottish Borders and the Club is expanding its presence around the world with Moon Course Associate members in the USA, Canada and Australia,

Preliminary negotiations have been opened with NASA, RKA and ESA, the US, Russian and European Space Agencies respectively, to provide transport to the course. The Russians have thus far provided the cheapest offer, but we're trying to get the price down still further. Watch this space!

Check out the Course card here:

Moon Course Card