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The 2017 Colin Bain Knockout Cup is being played over Lauder GC between April and September:

Rules of engagement are shown below ...

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Colin Bain Knockout Cup Competition:

Conditions of Play

The Entry Fee will be 10.00 which covers the entire competition. Entry Fees must be paid prior to playing. Failure to do so may result in disqualification. Entry Fees may be paid to Committee Members: Grant Cannon, Michael Scott, Brian Hunter or in the Black Bull Inn.

Entrants must have a valid Earlston Golf Club handicap. If you don't have a handicap, one will be awarded to you. Competitors will play off Full Handicaps. The player with the lower handicap will play off Scratch, the player with the higher handicap will play off the difference between the handicaps, to a maximum of 18.


The draw will be made totally at random. Any byes will be allocated on a random basis within the draw. Any preliminary matches required will be drawn at this time.
BR> The Competition format is MATCHPLAY, with full handicap allowance. If tied after 18 holes play, play should continue using the “sudden death” principle to decide the match.

Gents must play off the Visitors’ (Yellow) tees and should use the Gents’ Stroke Index and Par for each hole.
Ladies must play off the Ladies’ (Red) tees and adopt the yellow stroke index for each hole. The par for each hole shall be as stated on the Lauder Golf Club scorecard for the Red tee.

Each round MUST be played by the specified DATE.

Each Match has a designated Player A and Player B. Player A is the first-named player in each draw. It is the duty of both players to arrange the match but the onus is on Player A to make the first contact. Player A should offer 3 reasonable dates and times to Player B.

The draw for this competition will be displayed in the Clubhouse at Lauder GC. Players are required to ensure that there are no restrictions on their chosen tee-off time. Lauder GC members and Lauder GC competitions take precedence over this competition.

R&A Rule 33.3: Each match must be played by the last day of the period unless the players agree to a prior date. If one player can make the date but the other can not, then the player who could make the date will go through. This must be confirmed by contacting the Competition Secretary and is not automatic. If neither Player A nor Player B can agree to play by the last day of the period, neither may go through. This must also be confirmed by the Competition Secretary.

The Competition Secretary must be informed, by the end of the last day of each period specified, of the result of each match. It will be the duty of the winning player to do so. As ties are played, the draw sheet will be updated and displayed in the Black Bull in Earlston and on the Club’s social media.

The Final is expected be played on Saturday, 16th September 2017. It is anticipated that a member of the Committee (or an Official appointed by the Committee) will be present to referee the Final match. A play-off for third and fourth places will precede the Final on the same day.

The committee will consider limited extensions.

Disputes with regard to arranging matches or any other queries should be referred to:

The Competition Secretary: Gordon Marshall: Tel: 07866 436186 or

The Club Captain: Brian Thorburn: Tel: 07971 631865

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