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Earlston Golf Club
Macaduf Tour 2002

Gentlemen keeping alive the highest traditions of golf ....


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The Earlston golfers' Macaduf Tour this year was played over four rounds at Taymouth Castle, Newburgh and Peterhead.  The competition for the McKays Hotel Tankard was won by the narrowest of margins by Brian Hunter from Brian Thorburn and Frank Laidlaw, the result being decided by the count-back principle.  Frank responded by winning the Shirt Competition later in the day.
Using a format similar to the Ryder Cup, the competition for the Rhymer Cup was played over three rounds, with a Fourball at Newburgh being followed by Foursomes and Singles rounds at Peterhead.  The competition went right down to the wire, only being decided in the last holes of the Singles.  Full results are shown below:
Aces in the Hole - Brian Thorburn, Brian Hunter, Eric Brodie, Ronnie Turner
Rest of the World - Ron Darling, Mathie Whiteford, Frank Laidlaw, Jim Halliday
McKays Hotel Tankard: Brian Hunter
Shirt Competition: Frank Laidlaw
Colin Smith's Scottish Quiz: AitH 62, RotW 56
Rhymer Cup: AitH 5, RotW 3
Brian Hunter & Brian Thorburn bt Mathie Whiteford & Ron Darling 6&5
Frank Laidlaw & Jim Halliday bt Eric Brodie & Ronnie Turner 5&4
Eric Brodie & Brian Thorburn bt Mathie Whiteford & Jim Halliday 8&7
Brian Hunter & Ronnie Turner bt Ron Darling & Frank Laidlaw 2&1

Mathie Whiteford bt Brian Thorburn 3&2
Brian Hunter bt Jim Halliday 8&6
Frank Laidlaw bt Ronnie Turner 6&5
Eric Brodie bt Ron Darling by 2 holes


Ask Ron D ....


Ask Frank ....


A motley crew .... Eric, Ronnie, Brian, Brian, Mathie, Karen (McKays Hotel manager), Ron, Jim & Frank


OK OK Frank, you win!!

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